A Statement by MoGaza

Destroying vehicles and machinery


Deliberately targeted the rest of vehicles and machinery that were coded in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC):

The Municipality of Gaza (MoGaza) announces that the occupation targeted the municipal garage again and destroyed the rest of vehicles.


The Israeli occupation targeted the MoGaza garage last night, for the fourth time during this ongoing war, reporting the rest of the emergency and service vehicles inoperative.


MoGaza has reported that the occupation targeted the vehicles that were coded, before the war in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Gaza, in order to work during emergencies.


MoGaza has clarified that the number of vehicles completely destroyed amounted to 6 vehicles, including 3 bulldozers working in road repair and waste collection, an excavator working in repairing water and sewage networks, a water pump, a sewage suction truck, and a transport vehicle, in addition to multiple damages to the garage and its facilities.


Therefore, MoGaza has affirmed that there are no longer vehicles left operative to provide the basic services to citizens. The repeated targeting of the municipal garage by the occupation has resulted in the destruction of around 125 vehicles and machinery, in addition to the maintenance workshop.


Thus, MoGaza calls on the international community and human rights organizations to urgently intervene towards reviving the humanitarian situation in the city and providing the municipal authorities with fuel, electricity and vehicles, as well as, enable the municipalities to provide the essential services in order to save the human lives in Gaza